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NETL Supports Research Triangle Institute’s Exploration of Nanofiltration REE Extraction

Securing a domestic source of rare earth elements (REEs) remains a priority for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Thanks to our Nation’s abundant coal resources, a potential opportunity to obtain these elements is within reach. With support from DOE’s National Energy Technology Labora...
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New REE Extraction Tests Show Promise for Efficiency & Cost Savings

West Virginia University (WVU) Research Corporation, aided by its partnership with West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, are operating a dedicated Rare Earth Extraction Facility at WVU that may have solved this problem. The WVU team evaluated extracting REEs from acidic AMD and net-a...
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Strategic Petroleum Reserve Hosts 2020 Louisiana Regional Science Bowl

Similar to a sporting event, the competition is set up in a round-robin format in the morning, during which all teams will compete, followed by a double-elimination final tournament in the afternoon. All prizes and giveaways for the LA Regional Science Bowl are courtesy of the event’s sponsors...
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