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Recovering REEs from Coal Fly Ash Using Acid Digestion and Electrowinning Processes

Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) and Rare Earth Salts (RES) demonstrated that developing an environmentally benign and economically sustainable process for recovering rare earth element (REE) products from domestic coal ash sources is possible. A part of a National Energy Technology Laboratory (NET...
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Developing Robust Energy Storage Systems for Fossil Fuel Plants

The U.S. electric grid has been described as the biggest machine on Earth. From home appliances, computers, and electronics all the way to commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and refrigeration, we depend on electric power. Electricity is essential to modern life, and the U.S. Department of E...
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NETL Supports Research Triangle Institute’s Exploration of Nanofiltration REE Extraction

Securing a domestic source of rare earth elements (REEs) remains a priority for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Thanks to our Nation’s abundant coal resources, a potential opportunity to obtain these elements is within reach. With support from DOE’s National Energy Technology Labora...
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New REE Extraction Tests Show Promise for Efficiency & Cost Savings

West Virginia University (WVU) Research Corporation, aided by its partnership with West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, are operating a dedicated Rare Earth Extraction Facility at WVU that may have solved this problem. The WVU team evaluated extracting REEs from acidic AMD and net-a...
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Strategic Petroleum Reserve Hosts 2020 Louisiana Regional Science Bowl

Similar to a sporting event, the competition is set up in a round-robin format in the morning, during which all teams will compete, followed by a double-elimination final tournament in the afternoon. All prizes and giveaways for the LA Regional Science Bowl are courtesy of the event’s sponsors...
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