Isagén in Colombia acquires two small hydro plants from Generadora Luzma


Colombian power generator Isagén has completed the acquisition of two small hydroelectric plants with a total capacity of 39.8 MW from Generadora Luzma.

In a statement, the Medellín-based firm did not provide details of the transaction but said the Luzma I and Luzma II facilities in northwestern Antioquia department formed part of its clean energy strategy.

“With this decision we continue to strengthen our generation matrix, making it more resilient to climate change and contributing to the country’s energy transition at this key stage of the economy’s reactivation,” the statement read.

Per Generadora Luzma’s website, the plants are under development in the northeast subregion of Antioquia under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Amalfi (between the La Manguita and Salazar villages). They use the waters of the Riachón River, which is part of the Porce River basin for the generation of electricity. Each plant has a capacity of 19.9 MW, and electricity will be distributed through three 110-kV lines.