Hydro-Quebec chooses thyssenkrupp to install 88-MW water electrolysis plant


Hydro-Quebec has awarded an engineering contract to the Green Hydrogen product division of thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers to install an 88-MW water electrolysis plant to produce hydrogen. Previously, thyssenkrupp completed a feasibility study for the project.

The water electrolysis plant will be built in Varennes, Quebec, and will use hydroelectric power to produce 11,100 metric tons of green hydrogen annually. Both the hydrogen and the oxygen, a by-product of the electrolysis process, will be used to produce biofuels from residual waste for the transportation sector.

“Thanks to our fleet of over 60 hydroelectric generating stations with a total output of 36,700 MW, the power produced by Hydro-Québec is over 99% clean. This puts Québec in a prime position to take on a leading role in the production of green hydrogen,” said Hydro-Québec’s President and Chief Executive Officer Sophie Brochu.

Commissioning is scheduled for late 2023, thyssenkrupp said in a release.

“This project is an excellent illustration of how important the interaction of secure access to competitive renewable energy and the use of scaled technology for hydrogen production is,” says Sami Pelkonen, chief executive officer of thyssenkrupp’s Chemical & Process Technologies business unit.

Denis Krude, CEO of thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers, adds: “Quebec as a region and Hydro-Québec as a customer offer ideal conditions for installing our water electrolysis technology on a multi-megawatt scale for the first time.”

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers, a joint venture between thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG and Industrie De Nora, has installed more than 600 projects and electrochemical plants worldwide, with a total capacity of over 10 GW. With its water electrolysis technology for the production of green hydrogen, the associated product division Green Hydrogen offers a solution for industrial-scale applications.