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What is an Electricity Broker?

An electricity broker, or utility/energy consultant, is someone who will work as an intermediary between power generators and consumers. This is a negotiation in its most basic form, and companies like Texas Utility Consultants have perfected the negotiation process across Texas.

Our clients benefit from the best bulk rates at per kilowatt pricing and professional customer service. There really is nothing more to say than we get our clients the best possible prices for their commercial energy needs. Our customer service is top tier, and our friendly customer support specialists will answer any questions you might have regarding deregulated energy markets.

How can an Electricity Broker save my business money?

An Electricity broker saves your business money by cutting down your base kilowatt price. This can result in massive yearly savings compared to “simply paying the electric bill.”

The reality is that a phone call and conversation with an electricity broker from Texas Utility Consultants can save your commercial business money and there is no downside. If you live in a deregulated State, do yourself a favor and consult an electricity broker to see if you are overpaying for your energy/utility needs.

Is it worth it to consult an Electricity Broker?

It is most definitely worth your time to consult with an electricity broker. Consulting with an electricity broker like Texas Utility Consultants has no downside. Our professionals will be able to analyze your current energy/utility requirements, and then negotiate with energy providers to get the best bulk rate pricing at per kilowatt rates.

We don’t take any money for our consultation and only make money when we save your commercial business money. If we can’t save you any money, no harm, no foul.

Do Electricity Brokers charge for consultation?

Texas Utility Consultants will never charge for consultation. There are electricity brokers that will charge for consultation, but it is in your best interest to avoid these companies. If their main goal is to charge for consultation, the electricity broker is not being upfront and honest with their clients and is most likely manipulating agreements in their favor.

Texas Utility Consultants is up front and honest about every negotiation we commit to for a client.

How can the Market affect my Rate?

The price of electricity will fluctuate on a daily basis according to a number of components including commodity futures pricing. Texas Utility has a team in place that monitors the market for our clients and proactively works for you in the following ways:
  • -We track historical data in an objective way and present this to our clients so that they can make an informed decision
  • -We are able to find lows in the market that offer savings for our clients
  • -We are aware of highs in the markets that can prevent our clients from signing at a bad time
We believe our team’s awareness and knowledge of market trends allows our customers to have confidence in their decision to manage costs

What are the TDU charges on my bill?

These surcharges are the pass-through fees that are assessed by the utility company in your specific area. There are different utility companies based regionally and these fees cover the cost of transmitting and delivering energy to your location from the power grid. All consumers of energy are subject to the fees charged by the TDU which have been approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Who makes up your client base?

Texas Utility currently manages over 1 billion kWhs for our clients in Texas as well as other states that are deregulated. We pride ourselves on our 95% retention rate.  Our client base is made up of  clients in Manufacturing, Government, Education, Small Business, Restaurants, Non-Profit Organizations just to name a few.

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