Assistant Secretary Winberg Talks a Safer, Cleaner Energy Future

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg will participate in a panel discussion and deliver remarks at the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy on Monday, February 3. This is the 21st year for one of the oil and gas industry’s most anticipated events. The meeting brings global leaders together to discuss the changing landscape of the industry and to learn more about the latest technologies, tools, and strategies.

Throughout this event, which concludes on February 4, one of the key topics of discussion surrounds the broader deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies on oil and natural gas systems. These technologies are a powerful tool for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the atmosphere.

DOE has a carbon capture, storage, and utilization (CCUS) research and development program, which significantly advances efforts to reduce the cost of CO2 capture, discovers ways to utilize CO2 and ways to safely and securely store captured CO2 in geologic formations.

“The oil and gas sector’s interest in CCUS is extremely encouraging, and at the Department, we’re involved in a lot of really important research to develop these technologies,” said Assistant Secretary Winberg. “Through a diverse portfolio of more than one hundred projects, we’re advancing the global CCUS knowledge base substantially. I look forward to the upcoming Baker Hughes Annual Meeting, where we will discuss this important topic with organizations across the world.”

On February 3, Assistant Secretary Winberg will deliver opening remarks at a technical discussion on CCUS. Following these remarks, he will participate on the ministerial panel in the Transitioning into the Future of Energy Plenary Session.

For more information regarding DOE’s CCUS research and development program, visit the Office of Fossil Energy’s website. Additional agenda information is available on the Baker Hughes Annual Meeting website.  

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