Are you a global power & energy elite? Nominations are now open!


Why recognizing industry achievement is important for sector growth

“Recognizing leaders in the power and energy industry not only gives us the opportunity to celebrate them and the projects that they are involved in, it also enables us to learn vital business and life lessons from these often exceptional individuals. We find out what makes them tick, what frustrates them and the processes they follow to address challenges – this is often inspiring, eye-opening stuff and cannot but contribute to the growth of the sector.“

This is according to Ashley Theron-Ord, Senior Content Producer for the leading sector trade journal and portal, Smart Energy International and the prestigious, annual publication, the Global Power & Energy ElitesThese publications form part of the Clarion Events Group’s energy division, which runs over 40 events worldwide covering the power and energy sectors.

Ashley continues: “Becoming a Global Power & Energy Elite ensures access to a proven global network of fellow leaders in the sector who are featured in the annual journal as well as invitation-only networking and speaking opportunities at leading events and webinars. If you are a dynamic leader in this space and involved in a ground breaking project or developing cutting edge technology, or you work with someone who is, we would like to hear from you. Nominations are now open and people can either nominate themselves or someone else.”

Recognizing industry achievements
Projects featured in the publication are those setting the benchmarks in their regions and/or globally, giving readers insights into their planning and execution. With 11 categories to choose from, the industry at a global level is encouraged to put forward the leader or project they feel should be highlighted in 2020.

Categories for 2020:

  • Leadership
  • Generation innovation and optimization
  • Renewable energy generation innovation and optimization
  • Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration
  • Utility transformation
  • AMI & Smart Metering
  • Data & Analytics
  • Demand response
  • Customer engagement
  • Finance & Investment
  • Technology
  • Smart Cities

Selected nominees will be featured in the printed publication of The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020 that is circulated to key industry stakeholders at global industry events. As recognised thought-leaders or project innovators, they could have speaker opportunities at selected events and webinars throughout the year (at the discretion of the content teams and their availability) expanding their personal networks while boosting credibility among their industry peers.

Nominations close on Friday 14 June 2019 at midnight SAST.

Leadership lessons shared by some of last year’s featured leaders in The Global Power and Energy Elites:

  • Romanas Savickas, Senior Energy Advisor, UNEP-DTU Partnership

“No one is born a leader – even if you were lucky enough to have innate leadership characteristics, you still have to work hard to fully develop them.”

  • Yackov Dar, Managing Director, Power-C Metering Africa

“Life is an evolving thing; nobody is perfect. Skills are based on experience … you do something wrong today and tomorrow you learn from it.”

  • Thorsten Heller, Chief Executive Officer, Greenbird

It’s all about bets. Big bets. Little bets.” His favourite quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky.

  • Bobbi Harris, Vice President of Market Strategy and Development, Utilities Technology Council

“Lead from your heart. All business is personal, and leaders should never forget that folks have different challenges and different skills, and they are all human.”

  • Calvin Butler, Chief Executive Officer, Baltimore Gas and Electric

“You must give people room to solve problems. I’ve also learned it’s impossible to be a respected leader and not respect others.”

  • Wayne Pales, Chairman, The Chapel Group

“Life has taught me to spend some time to understand why a person may not be motivated, and work with them to address that one way or another.”

There is no fee associated with a nomination submission or any related costs to those selected nominees. This is not an awards programme therefore no prize will be received, and no gala event will take place.

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The Global Power & Energy Elites
is an annual journal produced by Smart Energy International in collaboration with the Clarion Power & Energy Series recognising industry achievements across the power and energy value chain. The publication’s cornerstone content recognises industry-specific projects and leaders that are shaping the modern power and energy markets.