Africa Oil Week Wrap-Up

Africa Oil Week Keynote Address

During the keynote address, ASFE Winberg discussed U.S.-African energy collaboration; President Trump’s desire to strengthen America’s partnerships with African countries; and the enormous potential for expanded energy development across Africa’s large and diverse continent.

“The United States and nations across Africa have strong and long-standing relationships that span critical areas of cooperation—from economic advancement to energy development—to improve the quality of life of Africans and to ensure a future of growth, prosperity, and opportunity across this vast continent,” explained ASFE Winberg.

He noted that the United States is the world’s top producer of oil and natural gas and expects to be a net energy exporter next year. As a result, the United States is well-positioned to share abundant oil and natural gas resources with other countries, and to share the technology and know-how that helped unleash those resources.

“That transformative potential is not confined to the United States alone—it exists here in Africa, as well. And, the U.S. government and American companies welcome the opportunity to work with you to expand energy development in your countries,” he added.

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Driving Growth in RSA’s Unconventional Industry

At the Driving Growth in RSA’s Unconventional Industry panel, ASFE Winberg explained that the shale revolution in America propelled the United States to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil and natural gas. By unlocking a low-cost and abundant feedstock, the development of unconventional resources in the United States spurred a renaissance in American manufacturing.

Between the shale revolution and the current manufacturing renaissance, the United States focused on developing technologies and approaches to improve the delivery of shale resources, including horizontal drilling and advanced hydraulic fracturing.

“There isn’t a silver bullet or one-size fits-all approach that will address every challenge in every country. And, we know you will pursue your own path to meet energy challenges here in South Africa,” ASFE Winberg concluded. “But, we’re happy to share the lessons we’ve learned and provide any assistance we can to help you develop and utilize your unconventional resources.”