Acting ASFE Dr. Jennifer Wilcox To Moderate CO2 Mitigation Panel at the 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Acting Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy (ASFE) Dr. Jennifer Wilcox will serve as a moderator for the panel CO2 Mitigation: Carbon Sequestration/Reuse/Storage, Soils, Waste Mitigation of Plastics at the 9th Annual 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium on Wednesday, May 5, at 2:20 p.m. (MDT) / 4:20 p.m. (EDT).

The host organization, the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory (CERC), is an inter-institutional interdisciplinary group that addresses the climate crisis and explores solutions for Colorado’s energy needs. This symposium is a three-day event held virtually on May 4, 5 and 14. Guest speakers will discuss a variety of topics. Those include environmental and energy justice, decarbonizing solutions, technology breakthroughs and more. A wide range of participants is expected, including scientists, climate advocates, venture capitalists, federal agency staff, students and more.

Dr. Wilcox will moderate a discussion of CO2 mitigation practices, focusing on the reuse and storage of carbon sequestration, soils and waste mitigation of plastics. Guest panelists include Michael Köpke, Vice President of Synthetic Biology for LanzaTech, Wilson Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and Kipp Coddington, Director of the Center for Energy Regulation & Policy Analysis at the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources.

Dr. Wilcox’s panel will focus on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon removal technologies as well on mitigation and adaptation strategies to minimize negative climate impacts associated with fossil fuels. Panelists will discuss pathways to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

The event is free of cost, but registration is required to attend. You can register for one or for all three days. Additional agenda information is available at the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory website. For press inquiries related to Dr. Wilcox’s role or FE’s mission, please email