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Predominant Use Studies, save companies thousands of dollars annually by analyzing their expenses for electricity and natural gas.

Lower Your Commercial Utility Bill


Our team of utility experts have years of experience negotiating with utility providers and commercial businesses across Texas. We are here to help you save money on your commercial utility costs.

Natural Gas Exemptions

There are exemptions for clients in many industries on their natural gas usage.

Agricultural Exemptions

Are you in the agricultural sector? We can show you how to cut back more on your electricity costs.

Industrial Exemptions

We can save you money by finding you new electricity providers and electric utility contacts.

Recycling Exemptions

If you’re a recycling company, we may be able to help reduce your electric utility costs.

We Do Things Differently

We Deliver Results for Our Clients

Texas Utility Consulting is one of the leading North American providers of top-rated energy supply to customers looking for large-scale energy consumption. As a broker for power resources, Texas Utility works as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. When customers use our service, we can provide them with the best bulk rate pricing at per kilowatt rates.



  • Get lowest per kilowatt rate
  • Optimal utility providers in area
  • We manage everything

Commercial Utility Savings

Savings for commercial and industrial buildings in Texas with one phone call.

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Our only goal as your utility broker is savings.

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We work as an intermediary between utility providers and commercial consumers.

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Advocating on behalf of our clients is our passion.

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Business owners in commercial and industrial buildings can take advantage of negotiations through our brokers.

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We pride ourselves on helping our clients with their best interests in mind. Our goal is savings, and we do everything we can to save commercial and industrial businesses money.